28 sleeps to go!

Today’s weekly round-up falls on MOVING DAY!  A day marked on the calendar for 6 months and ever looming.  I feel like I have been preparing for this day for months and actually I have.  I started packing early as I knew what a momentous task it would be, and that is after 2 garage sales and numerous trips to charity collection points to rid ourselves of unwanted items.  Gradually things began to disappear off walls, shelves and out of cupboards until we are now left with the bare minimum; a skeletal collection of items that are required to exist in a shell of a house for another week, or maybe more as we don’t have a tenant yet. 

Two sturdy men arrived at 8 am to pack a large truck with all our wordly belongings. 6 hours later I handed over a large amount of cash to them.  Inbetween I assisted them in loading and unloading in misty rain, sprinkling rain, torrential rain and diagonal rain. The diagonal rain was the worst because it was coming directly into our storage space and 1/2 way into it!  The items that made it into the back of the shed were fairly dry but the rain worsened and we had to close the roller door and rethink. In the end the lovely people at the storage facility found me 4 mini spaces that would allow us to unload the truck without getting too wet; I then towel dried the furniture and we were able to store it without the driving rain continually wetting it.  The storage guy even found me spare locks to lock the extra spaces.  A great ending to a pain in the arse experience. Now when I look around the house, instead of seeing ‘stuff’, I now see CLEANING!

This week we also organised some US, Malaysian and Indonesian currency and debit cards; ran around to Medibank, Medicare offices and submitted the mail redirection form.   We travelled to Brisbane to deliver a trailer load of items to my parents and a trip to Steve’s parents. We also said our first goodbye to our special pet dog Karlee. She will live with my parents for the next year and given that this month is so crazy with moving etc, it was better that she move in sooner than later. 

The highlight of the week was our lunch get together with the 3 other RTW travelling families in Brisbane. Check out that post!


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  • Cheri Young January 12, 2011

    Wow Karina – I am in awe of your “to do list” alone, let alone such an amazing trip you are about to undertake with your family. I can’t wait to keep up to date with your whereabouts with your blogs. keep safe. xox

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