24 Mar

Back to ‘normal’!

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10 weeks and 4 days after our arrival home to Australia, life is back to ‘normal’.  I’m still amazed by how quickly we have just slotted back into life.  Maybe because we have returned to the same house, same jobs, same school, same dog.  Same Same But Different, as they would say in Cambodia.  All that sameness but a big tinge of difference too. 

I still have great...

24 Feb

Missing the travel life!

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Sorry to all my readers who are wondering what has become of me.  I’ve been swamped by ‘normal’ life.  My head is just starting to get above the water after so many things to do upon returning to Oz.  Don’t look in my spare room because it still houses all the ‘stuff’ I haven’t housed yet.  Mostly our home is back to what it was before we left.  We are all back at work,...

13 Feb

Like we never left!

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Here is the link to a little article I wrote for my local newspaper, The Chronicle. I promise I will get back to some regular updates about our return to ‘normal’ life soon – just as soon as I get my head above water and clear my list of all the things to do when returning to regular life!


13 Jan

Four dots at home again.

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Another article for The Chronicle newspaper that you may wish to check out:


11 Jan

L.A. stopover and home

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We arrived into Los Angeles about 6.30 pm after travelling all day from Columbus Ohio via Baltimore Maryland.  Still can’t quite work out why we had to fly from the Midwest to the east coast to get to the west coast but never mind.  After all our flying experience we were totally prepared for a long day of travel with all gadgets recharged; water bottles ready and a supply...

8 Dec

5 weeks and counting

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Hi all.  The countdown to our return to Oz has begun.  Yesterday marked 5 weeks until we touchdown on Australian soil again and we will have clocked up 342 days of travel.  Wow.  Hard to believe that we are getting so close to the end of our massive journey.  We are all feeling ready to come home and see what Australian life has to offer us again but still have the wonders...

3 Dec

Preparing for home

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As we countdown the weeks until we go home, we are starting to think about a new list of things to do.  Whilst this list is not as big a list as when we were preparing to leave the country, it is still a substantial and important list of ‘stuff’.  Here are some of the things that we need to consider to make the transition to our ‘regular’ lives of work, school and running a...

21 Nov

Flying high in The Chronicle

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Hi there,

Here is the link to my article in The Chronicle listing my tips for flying.  Take a peek.


Happy reading!

24 Jul

Day 171 – The half-way mark!

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You know when you get to the end of a year and you think ‘Where did that year go?’  My greatest fear before we embarked on our journey was that we would get to the end of our year and we would feel it went too fast.  Well, this day makes the half way point of our round the world adventure and we are all still alive and well and it feels like it is moving at just the right...

11 Jun

List of our camping stuff

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Here is the list of camping equipment that we have acquired in order to camp around the UK and Europe: 

Tent                                                       130                         Millets

Sleeping bags x 4                              112

Camp mats                                         40

Single fitted sheet for mat           2.87 x 4                 ASDA


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