30 Jul

The Eiffel Tower by Patrick.

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18 Jul

Round the World Schooling for 12 months.

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When we announced we were going to travel around the world for 12 months with our two sons aged 5 and 9, most people first asked us if we won the lotto and then the next question was “What about school?”  To be honest this was the least of my concerns given the list of things to do to leave Australia for 12 months was very long.  Most people made comments about what a...

18 May

Patrick’s World – Art Exhibition #2

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Patrick has continued to draw the world as he travels through it.  Please read on to see his latest exhibition, inspired by Vietnam and other things of interest to five year old boys.   

A reclining Buddha. 

A reclining Buddha. 


 Vietnamese lady carrying her baskets with Easter eggs in them!

Street corn (bought for Patrick to eat in Hoi An, Vietnam).

Ice Monster with crystal...

20 Mar

Patrick’s World (Aged 5)

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Patrick has always been a keen artist and since travelling he has captured some of his memories in his drawing book. 

'A hippopotamus', inspired by Taman Safari in Indonesia.

'A green snake'.

'A lion' inspired by Taman Safari, Indonesia.

'A Chinese New Year dragon'.

'A battling guy with super sharp fingers and fire fingers'.

'Patrick having a tuk-tuk ride in Phnom Penh'.


24 Dec

The pig story

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A friend at lunch was telling me her about travels in Vietnam this week. Travels in Asia never seem to be without stories of what spectacles you see on motorbikes. Her story involved a man driving a motorbike with a pig laid out on the fuel tank. The pig was dead and cut down the belly with legs splayed out for all the world.  He had to lean over it to steer the...

14 Nov

“You’re lucky!”

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Me, pushing 2 empty containers down the hallway to the study.

Five year old Finn, Patrick’s friend, sticks his head out of the room and asks “What are they for?”.

My reply, “Oh, just to pack stuff in”.

Finn turns to Patrick, “What is she packing stuff for?”

Patrick announces matter of factly, “Because we are going round the world”.

Finn declares, “You’re lucky!”