To Do List

There is a lot of work involved in packing up and leaving the country for twelve months. Below is the list of things to do before we leave. It seems as one item is marked off another takes its place!


  • Apply for leave.
  • Have leave approved – still waiting after 2 months – finally approved in September!.
  • Contact registration board re: nurse registration renewal whilst overseas.
  • Cancel salary sacrifice.
  • Hand over to incoming position holder.
  • Clean out all possessions from my office! (Have commenced this process and have so far filled 9 archive boxes).
  • Christmas parties.
  • Farewell drinks!


  • Apply for exemption for 2011 school year for Harris.
  • Gather resources for schooling Harris and Patrick.
  • International letter of introduction from Scouts Australia and official scarf and woggle for Harris and Karina.
  • Organise swim lessons for Patrick.

House, Cars and Pets

  • Ongoing garden maintenance – mowing, pruning etc.
  • Ongoing house maintenance – painting, repairs etc.
  • Clean house prior to renting – in process.
  • Book cleaner for couch and carpet.
  • Organise landlord insurance and contents insurance.
  • Organise real estate agent to rent house. now just need tenant!
  • Mail redirection form.
  • Clean out fish tank. Fish to go to a friend – goodbye Bubbles 2.0.
  • Microchip the dog.
  • Dog to go to Mum and Dad — goodbye Karlee.
  • Organise dog possessions and records for Mum and Dad.
  • Clean out all cupboards.
  • First Garage Sale July.
  • Second Garage Sale November.
  • All remaining items to charity. (Have my piles ready to take to friends and charities – yippee).
  • Organise removealists for new year.
  • Organise storage facility for new year.
  • Moving Day in January 2011!
  • Cancel phone, internet, electricity.
  • Suspend health insurance, managed fund and union fees.
  • Pack items not required e.g. Christmas decorations and memorabiliaongoing.
  • Make list of items that friends and family are borrowing.
  • Organise storage for second car and boat (Boat going to my Uncle and Aunt’s house).
  • Sell car – Steve’s parents are buying this from us and we hand it over at the airport!
  • Mum to sign Enduring Power of Attorney to handle finances etc.
  • Get keys cut for tenants.


  • Mantoux tests for all and ?BCG for Harris and Patrick.
  • Dental appointments booked for October and January.
  • Make travel medicine appointments for vaccinations.
  • Travel medicine appointment for end of October.
  • Series of 3 rabies vaccinations in November and December.
  • Assemble first aid kit and medical supplies.
  • Organise travel insurance.


  • New passports for Harris and Patrick.
  • Passport photos for Steve and Karina.
  • Apply for any necessary visas e.g. USA Visa Waiver for all.
  • International driver’s license for Steve and Karina.
  • Update frequent flyer details for Karina.
  • Notify bank going overseas re: credit card activity.
  • Make copies of all travel documents onto USB and hardcopy.


  • Website for travel blog.
  • Contact friends overseas re: visiting.
  • Book and pay for first lot of flights.
  • Research proposed destinations and make notes on computer – ongoing.
  • Organise travel money e.g. Travelex cards and currency. Got ourselves a 28 Degree card – check it out.
  • Organise internet banking.
  • Notify Family Assistance Office re: overseas 12 months.
  • Confirm flight and accommodation details prior to leaving Australia.
  • Assemble list of overseas contacts.
  • Register with Smart Traveler website.


  • Make packing list.
  • Assemble items on list. Think we have as much as we need!
  • Pack bags.
  • Buy eReader gadget (Got myself a Kindle during my USA visit!)
  • Buy new netbook, iPad? iPhone and another iPod.
  • Buy new camera- considering Panasonic Lumix TZ10.