13 Apr

Days 63-67 Dalat, Vietnam (Part One)

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The road to Dalat started out ok and then became rough, winding, riddled with potholes and piles of gravel too high to drive over to fill the potholes; roadwork machinery that we drove around and under; little in the way of line markings, crazy traffic and our even crazier bus driver who barely slowed down to take the many hairpin turns! Better to have my head down writing...

20 Mar

Days 31-43 Tanop Community Education Centre

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We arrived in Tanop on a Sunday afternoon – the small village where we intended to spend the next two weeks (or so) volunteering at the school started by the Singing Kites organisation in Australia. Where is Tanop? In Bati Province, Cambodia, about 1 1/2 hours drive from Phnom Penh … I can’t tell you anymore than that. So here we are in this quiet little village of 2,500...

9 Jun

Singing Kites

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I first heard about Singing Kites, a school in Cambodia, in 2009. Two nurses from work have volunteered at the school and Jeremy, the son of Harris’s school deputy principal, volunteered at the school for 6 months.  Singing Kites just stuck in my mind for some reason.  Every now and then I would think about it.  One day I got online, found the website and emailed Lyn...