27 May

Things I’ve seen on a motorbike by Harris

I’ve been in Asia for 4 months and have been to Indonesia,  Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. There are millions of people on motorbikes in these countries because they are cheap, small and can swerve in and out of busy traffic. As they don’t have cars they carry all sorts of crazy stuff on their motorbikes.  Here is my list of some things I’ve seen...

11 May

Days 94-97 Hong Kong (Part Two)

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I had my first Mother’s Day in another country and woke on Sunday morning to a card and chocolates.
Mother’s Day 2011 in Hong Kong

I had the opportunity to go out for a few hours of peaceful shopping and found a coffee shop to sit and read the paper and my new book on Taiwan.  Bliss! That same day we met up with Karin and Edward, a couple we met on the Halong Bag,...

7 May

Days 90-93 Hanging out in Hong Kong (Part One)

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Steve and I spent one week in HK two years ago so it was great to return to somewhere familiar and to be able to rest after our busy 6 weeks in Vietnam. The two bedroom flat we stayed in was a fantastic base for the week, complete with washing machine and mini kitchen.  I even cooked!  We had home-made spag bolg and mac’n’cheese plus I could have my favourite porridge every...

4 May

Day 90 Hong Kong, Buddha in the Mist!

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We awoke for our first full day of adventure in Hong Kong.  We had a few things we wanted to see and do in Hong Kong with the boys that Steve and I enjoyed when we were here two years ago.  One of those was the cable car ride to see the Big Buddha.  The weather was not the best but we wanted to do the excursion before it got crazily busy since the 10th May is Buddha’s...

3 May

Day 89 Hooray for Hong Kong!

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We were all up, organised and out the hotel door early for our flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong.  We were flying Vietnam Airlines again and this would be our first flight with a meal!  We made it smoothly through the whole check-in, immigration stuff and prepared to sit and wait; which ended up longer than anticipated due to some airport issue.  Finally onboard and off we...