3 months to go!

With now less than 3 months until we leave the country, things are hotting up around here.  Second garage sale of the century is booked for Saturday morning with my trusty assistant – Mum. 

Should have a travel itinerary soon and glad to see we have inadvertantly followed the advice of Mummy T:


We will have relatively long gaps between our RTW ticket stops and will make all attempts to avoid high season. Will cop some high season in Europe but that is unavoidable. 

We don’t mind the prospect of a white Christmas – it was my plan that we would end our journey in the USA for this reason. A novel experience for most Australians and one I have been fortunate to experience twice before husband and kids.

Will be independent travellers. No prebooked tours for us - gulp! I know we can do it. Steve and I spent a wonderful week in Hong Kong with the Lonely Planet guide in hand. The only pre-booked activity was a hike and kayak tour I found online – not your average HK adventure!  Everything else was at a whim and whilst we were there during Buddha’s birthday this was so we could witness the Cheung Chau Bun Festival – check it out. One of the most amazing parades ever.

As much as we can we will try to spend good amounts of time relaxing in places for some quality ‘slow travel’. We are lucky that we have friends to visit so in Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, UK and USA we will be able to ‘live’ a little in these countries. More to come ….


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