48 days to go!

Now we are counting in days!  Panic is starting to set in. So many things to do and the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.  On top of everything we now have a ute to fix after it was side swiped by a truck this week when parked in the street.  Ahhh! These things are sent to test us I know but we could certainly do without the inconvenience thanks! 

This week we have ticked off Christmas parties; final rabies vaccinations; some gardening and house maintenance and the first week of school holidays. We copped buckets of rain but also managed to see the sun for some of the week. For the first time in Patrick’s life he saw the soaker hose and had no idea what it was.  We have lived with severe water restrictions most of his little life so to dust off the soaker hose; watch it sprout water everywhere and be able to run through it at high speed with some high decibel yelling – magic!


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