5 weeks and counting

Hi all.  The countdown to our return to Oz has begun.  Yesterday marked 5 weeks until we touchdown on Australian soil again and we will have clocked up 342 days of travel.  Wow.  Hard to believe that we are getting so close to the end of our massive journey.  We are all feeling ready to come home and see what Australian life has to offer us again but still have the wonders of a white Christmas ahead and many good friends to see before we leave America.

When we return home, the kids are keen to see their friends at school.  Harris is probably more keen to enjoy lunch time at school rather than the desk and book stuff that is part and parcel of a regular school day!  Patrick will commence his first year of formal schooling; that is so exciting.  I can’t believe they will both be out the door 5 days a week to the same place; no more dropping off children in two different directions when I go to work.

Steve is busting to get his little boat out onto Cooby Dam; a local dam that now has water in it courtesy of flooding earlier in the year.  I’m sure he is also looking forward to spending some quality time in his shed but not keen to spend so much time sitting on a lawn mower!

Me, I am looking forward to having many moments of peace and quiet when the kids are at school or asleep and Steve is at work.  I enjoy having the house to myself and have a list of things to do to fill in my leisure time; but the list of things-to-do is also rather long!



  • Win Bartholomai December 9, 2011

    Yes, we are counting the days also – especiall Karlee your loving dog!

  • Carin Sandell December 11, 2011

    I can feel with you, soon coming home again to family and friends. It´s a special feeling. Thanks for the christmast card and enjoy your last week. You never know when the next trip are.

  • Baigrie Family December 20, 2011

    Thanks Carin. Glad the card arrived safely. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and Alice!

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