Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

Dot and I headed over to the military base to buy discounted Disney tickets.  We got some groceries whilst we were there so we could eat all our own food in the parks today. Our trip to the base and back took about an hour; Steve got the boys ready; I made sandwiches and we raced out the door.

First stop, Animal Kingdom. We had plans to meet up with Dan, my friend Betsy’s son who works at the park.  We were lucky that he was right at the front of the park working to babysit one of the Disney characters in costume so we got to say hello straight away; then we met up again when he had lunch.

It was nearly 12 pm when we arrived at Animal Kingdom so we headed straight to the Lion King show which was due to start at 12.30pm.  It was a great show.  Straight after the show we met up with Dan and headed to the Safari Ride.  This is the most popular thing at Animal Kingdom and usually you can line up and wait for 30-60 minutes or more.  We walked straight onto a safari truck and set off.  The Safari is really is fun and very well done; the only chance for us to get to ‘Africa’ this year!


After some rides we got into position for the ‘Jingle Jungle Parade’, the Animal Kingdom parade with a Christmas theme.  It was really fun to see and the boys were excited to see our friend Dan driving one of the parade float trucks – he had the best one with Mickey in it!

After the parade we headed to the theatre to see the ‘Finding Nemo’ stage show.  It was amazing.  Don’t need to go to Broadway to see a stage show when the quality of the shows at Disney are equal or better.

By the time the park was closing at 7 pm we had done all the best things to do at Animal Kingdom and had lots of fun doing it.  We went through the ‘Entertainment book’ that we had borrowed and found that a ‘Steak-n-Shake’ diner that was close to us.  We headed there and preceeded to order a feast, starting with a couple of their famous milkshakes for the boys.  They had a special where kids could eat for free on Saturday and Sunday and then we used 3 vouchers.  Our $30 dinner cost us … $17!  We had so much to eat and drink and none of the effort of shopping, preparing or washing up.  Bargain! 

We were all recharged and felt like we could make it to midnight to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.  In the car and off we went.  We arrived, parked, got the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and arrived with about 10 minutes to spare before the Electrical Parade started.  In position on the Main Street and what a great view, without having to line up for an hour!  Whilst the light parade is pretty cool, it has nothing on Sleeping Beauty’s castle at Christmas time with the extra 200,000 lights they have added to it; the special light show that changes the castle into a gingerbread house and more; and the fireworks show that followed after.

What a huge day out.  The boys didn’t waste any time falling to sleep on the way back to the Beaton’s house in the car.  We could sleep in the next morning as we didn’t have to rush out anywhere.  Check out my two ‘Sleeping Beauties’!


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