Back to ‘normal’!

10 weeks and 4 days after our arrival home to Australia, life is back to ‘normal’.  I’m still amazed by how quickly we have just slotted back into life.  Maybe because we have returned to the same house, same jobs, same school, same dog.  Same Same But Different, as they would say in Cambodia.  All that sameness but a big tinge of difference too. 

I still have great intentions of writing more about our travels.  It will happen.  I’m just enjoying the small amount of free time that I have between ’normality’ e.g. washing, cooking and cleaning.  In between loads of washing etc, I have found time to read.  Here is the link to one of my blogs for The Chronicle.  Enjoy.



  • Curtis April 22, 2013


    We have been back from our travels in Europe and Latin American for almost two years now. For some reason, our adventures almost seem like a dream. We are back in the Seattle, Washington, USA, area. I am back working at a small university down the road from the one I left six years ago. Erie! As much as this area is home and beautiful (people come from all over to visit), I am very anxious to hit the road again. I am already burned out for the same reasons I pushed to go the first time. Our oldest son has two more years in high school. He really wants to stay and finish. We will see. After that, however, we are out of here.

  • Celina May 13, 2013

    How fun, I saw your blog on pinterest and thought “me too!” there are probably more of us out there than I ever would have thought. :) We took a year off with our daughter to travel in 2010/2011. I don’t blog any more, but you will find a little google map on my sidebar showing the route we took. :)

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