Brisbane to Jakarta – Day One.

6 am start on our last day in Australia. Arrived at Brisbane domestic by 7.15 am and sitting on a plane at 9.15 am. Checked in and no worries.  Arrived into Sydney with plenty of time to catch the shuttle to the international airport.  Sat and enjoyed a hot chocolate whilst the boys played in the McDonald’s playground and checked out the free Wifi on their iPods.

Flight out of Sydney to Jakarta went off without a hitch. The plane was half empty and we were well looked after by the staff. The boys travelled really well and the kid’s meals were great.  None of us slept on the 7 hour+ flight so by the time we finally arrived in Jakarta we had two very tired boys. 

We paid our $100 US for 4 visas and stood in line for a stamp in our passports. Denny at the immigration desk took a liking to Patrick and shook his hand and gave him a hi-5 as we left.  We got our 2 checked bags and made it through Customs without a problem.

My cousin James was there to meet us as we got to the terminal and then our adventure really began!

Steve, the boys and I got in their car and their driver Harsono drove for over one hour to the apartment complex. I knew from watching tv that the traffic in Asia (in general) would be interesting.  Our journey got off to a great start and then we hit the traffic. 3 lanes of traffic became 5 with motorbikes zipping in and out; often we drove in the safety lane and I’m glad I couldn’t see the speedometer because I would hate to think how fast we went at times. There seemed to be some sort of system of flashing lights and beeping to survive the merging traffic.  I have no idea how the cars are not trashed.

Patrick fell asleep within 5 minutes and Harris wasn’t too far behind. It was a great relief to finally make it to the apartment complex and see Karen. James arrived not long after as he followed in a taxi.

We put kids to bed and were not too far behind them – that is after I emptied the contents of my backpack to wash off the shampoo that spilt everywhere!  Thankfully everything was ziplocked bag – however next time the shampoo will get ziplocked too! I have travelled many times and never has that happened before – first time with a backpack and let the shampoo run.

Earplugs went in so we didn’t get waken up by the call to prayer! Day One over.



  • Michelle Fielding February 5, 2011

    Wow, well and truly on your way now! The traffic sounds insane – good to know you survived. Now, how long are you in Jakarta? You need to put a bit of an itinerary up so those left behind know. (and update your sleep count from ’4 to go’).

    Looking forward to more blog posts!

  • Dags February 6, 2011

    Do you have a gallery for your pics?

  • Baigrie Family February 6, 2011

    Working on photos today so we can share the fun asap.

  • Simone Dullaway February 6, 2011

    Hi Karina, Glad you arrived safely. Thankfully the shampoo spill occurred early in your travels – when you can get your stuff washed easily!
    Don’t drink the water – Anne told me that story.
    Hope to Skype you soon.
    Love Simone and gang

  • Theresa February 7, 2011

    Glad you have arrived safely. The driving sounds “exhilarating” – try not to pick up their style – it won’t go down so well back here!! Love from us all, Theresa

  • Arthur & Dana February 16, 2011

    Well,Hello four dots, How time flies, Your adventure has started already. I’ll bet Jakarta was a shock, SOOO many people, SOOO many cars. How are you Little dots enjoying yourself so far? Great experience hey? You guys are in for the greatest experience of your life, So much to see and do. You have two lovely BIG DOTS there, Not many BIG DOTS I know would take two little dots on such a wonderful adventure. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.Carry on Dots. Regards Arthur & Dana

  • Baigrie Family February 16, 2011

    Howdy neighbours! Nice to hear from you. Hope all is well at the top of the street. We are certainly enjoying our time together. I keep pinching myself that we are actually on this adventure and we have only been gone 2 weeks yet! Jakarta – yes a shock. KL much more organised. Both great in their own way. Keep reading to find out what we get up to next. Take care and sorry we all didn’t get to say goodbye – what a crazy month January was.

  • Arthur & Dana February 23, 2011

    Hello again BIG DOTS AND little dots How is the adventure so far? Things all seem O.K. at your house, I haven’t seen any big trucks backing up to take it away or anything. Carry on Dots.

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