Day 10 – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

There is nothing ‘mini’ about Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.  Glad I checked the Lonely Planet before we went because initially I had thought it was a miniature Indonesia. No. It is a 100 hectare park with 27 full-scale traditional houses from the 27 provinces of Indonesia – well, now 26 since Timor Leste is no longer part of Indonesia.  The park opened in 1975 and much of it; especially the playground has not changed since then; the park might get swept by the odd straw broom but basically it looks its age.

We still enjoyed ourselves, despite the 37 degree heat and were glad to get there just after opening at 8 am. We walked through the Sunday market; went on the cable car ride across the entire park and found Freshwater World and Insect Museum (with some air conditioning). I have included a photo of the two headed fish!  Will endeavour to find out more about it. Thankfully you can drive your car around the park because it is really huge. 

By midday we’d had our share of heat so our driver took us to Gandaria City Mall. We had lunch and joined in the Lego quest to build a firetruck. Check out the photos.

Harris, Patrick and the Lego Dragon for Chinese New Year.

Lego Firetruck in the making in Gandaria City Mall.



  • Madeleine Holm February 13, 2011

    Wow Four Dots, Love the photos. Great for when I’m in a hurry and can’t take the time to read (just yet). Off to school now (H.N.), my first for the year. Catch you. Maddy. PS worms are thriving.

  • Tom Lehrer February 15, 2011

    A theme park in Indonesia? That shows you the extent of my world view. Loved the photos.

  • Kirsty O'Brien February 17, 2011

    Karina and Steve, Patrick and Harris,
    Love reading the blog. Your trip sounds amazing – chocolate crepes for breakfast at the school canteen! Wow! MmmMmmmm!

    Enjoy it and relax!

    Kirsty and Dan

  • Ayu Husodo August 26, 2012

    I can’t remember how I landed into your blog, read your adventure in Indonesia -especially Taman Mini part- reminded me of our trip to Taman Mini which ended in Gandaria City too!

    Glad that you enjoy your trip in Jakarta, next time you visit Jakarta again, make sure you visit Transportation Museum in Taman Mini, your boys will love it!

    Warmest Regards from Jakarta :-)

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