Day 110 Xian, China

The hotel/apartment complex we were staying in had an adjoining restaurant.  Here they served a good buffet breakfast. Our room came with one breakfast – yep, one. Useless for a family of four so we asked if we could use our 4 days of breakfast so that we could all eat together one day.  So, that is how we started this day, all eating a hearty breakfast together.

We had no great plans for the day apart from returning to the Muslim Quarter for some food and photos of food!  We headed off to Starbucks for a coffee to get the day started and we chatted about our plans for our upcoming arrival in London and Europe.  By the time we headed to the Muslim Quarter it was lunch time so we bought some of these great big breads again for 2 Yuan each. The bread is best when fresh out of the large kiln type ovens and still warm.  The dough is pressed with a stamp before being pushed to the side of the rounded kiln.  It is delicious; and if I knew what it was called then I would tell you.  If you go to the Muslim Quarter you can not miss them because they are quite common. 

I  bought one of these rice things cooked in banana leaf. They are very common throughout the markets and also in supermarkets, fresh and packaged.  This one cost me 5 yuan. It didn’t taste as good as the other rice dish we bought the other day which you can see in the massive pot.  It had a date mixture and peanuts in it.  Again, I have no idea what these things are called!

This time in the Muslim Quarter I had the camera to capture some of the sights …

Last time in the Muslim Quarter we missed the Mosque. We took the wrong streets and managed to avoid going near it. This time we stumbled across it and decided to go in and take a look, although our children were some what reluctant. It was very peaceful inside the mosque walls and relatively little tourists.  It was worth a peek and we didn’t need to stay long to appreciate the surroundings.

Back to the room for a rest and we made use of the DVD player in the room.  The kids watched one of our cheap DVDs from Malaysia.  We headed out for dinner at the downstairs restaurant. Whilst the food was cheap and good, the service was lacking.  We ordered two dishes that we intended to share with the boys, but when they finally arrived they were so spicy it was impossible to offer them to the kids. We had to order fried rice so that they had something to eat and it arrived eventually! 

Off to bed for an early night because we had a big day of travel to Beijing ahead of us the next day.


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