Day 118 Last day in Beijing

Our last day in Beijing and I had a girl’s morning.  I had needed a haircut for months!  I meant to get a cut in October last year before going to the USA but couldnt’ get into my local salon so it had been a very long time since I’d had a trim.  I thought it would be a good idea to pay China haircut prices before getting to England so our new Chinese friend Simone became my haircut chaperone and interpreter!

Even a simple thing like a haircut can be a cultural experience in another country.  Here I am with the ‘shampoo girl’.  That is what she does all day!  She doesn’t cut hair, she just shampoos it.

Simone Deng and I with our soapy hair.

This was the cheap shampoo where you sit up in the chair and they use a squeeze bottle to moisten and shampoo your hair. When your hair is sufficiently soapy then they take you to the sink to rinse it! You pay extra if you want your hair shampoo done at the sink! My haircut cost 60 yuan ($9 Australian). A bargain! All the shampoo girls were wearing orange shirts. In Vietnam, all the girls are dressed identically and look like the do more than shampoo hair! In China and Vietnam it seems that it is men that cut your hair; so I had my first haircut ever by a male stylist.  Because we had waited for our haircuts for sometime, I got the top stylist at the cheap price. Lucky me. Whilst I don’t have a photo of the finished product, I can say he did a good job trimming and drying my hair.

What else did we do on our last day in Beijing … not much. Wash clothes, pack bags and say goodbye to our new friend Simone.  We also went for a walk along the canal in our local area and people watched. The little guy with the split pants was out with his grandad on Children’s Day. Got to love those pants!

Farewell photo with Simone (right) and her friend Justine (left). Thanks Simone for sharing your time with us in Beijing. We loved your company and can’t wait until you surf on our couch one day (with a husband and a kid?).



  • Simone June 14, 2011

    lovely to stalk you here! i got a job now, and i just moved in my own apartment tonight! it was wonderful meeting you guys! miss the boys! and you two! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    hahahaha! maybe i will do my travel in your way as well! with husband and kids :D

  • sue June 15, 2011

    hi simones mum in england. i have just read some of what you have all done its just fantastic im so glad you met simone as you have found out she is a super girl and i am sure she has given you many memories.hope you enjoy your stay in England.Good luck on your travels will follow your progress all so very interesting.

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