Day 12 – Kuala Lumpur

Our first full day of fun in KL started early with a breakfast wake up call from Anita at Galloway Flat with our breakfast, freshly made roti, curry and dhal with some bananas on the side. The boys tucked in heartily and polished of their share and looked for more; just the kind of energy they needed to catch up on some homework!

We then gathered our guidebooks and preceeded to head out in KL. First stop, public transport to get ourselves a ‘Touch-n’Go’ card. We paid 50 RM + 10 RM for a card each that allows us 7 days of unlimited travel on all their public transport systems – of which there are many. Patrick rides for free!  Once we were heading in the right direction we enjoyed the airconditioned comfort of the monorail to get us close to the Malaysian Information Centre; used their free internet and looked into some tour prices. Next stop, Petronas Towers. First job, something to alleviate the wingeing in the form of icecreams for two boys. Then, as the line up was long and they were selling tickets for 2.30 pm viewings, we decided to head up to the science centre.

Steve, Harris and Patrick with the Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur.

Petrosains is located on the 4th floor of the Suria KLCC shopping complex under the towers.  For about AU $8 we got a family pass to go into the centre. The quality of the activities was excellent and we spent many more hours in the centre than we had anticipated. It was only that our feet were wearing out and our tummies rumbling that we left to find some food.

Patrick and the 300,000 piece Lego Petronas Towers!


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  • Roger February 22, 2011

    Hi there!
    We just came back home late last night and the first thing the whole family voted for was to have a big hot pot meal! Tt was 2AM when we left the restaurant, and we actually felt the hot pot was a little bit sweet, which had never been associated with sugar in any means throughout this cuisine’s history of hundreds of years. We’ve been confronted with too many sweet stuffs in Malaysia over the last week to appreciate anything with sugar.
    We were so lucky to know you guys and Michael and Christina, and the breakfast we had together is one of the most unforgetable memories of our stay in Maylasia. We had a wonderful day in Kuala Lumpur following some of your great suggestions.
    Your plan of journey is awesome, especially the volunterring part! I hope you’ll enjoy your stays in the other destinations too!
    By the way, which cities do you plan to visit in China this time? Do contact me if you’re coming to Chengdu, and I’ll have loads of suggestions to offer just like you guys did.
    Best wishes,

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