Day 164 Wernigerode, Germany

We started our day with a trip to the castle in Wernigerode (Verner-ger-road-ah).  We followed the signs leading to the Schloss (castle) and found it easily . We must have been early because we easily got a carpark within close walking distance to the castle.  We later noticed that you could park your car in the city and get a motorised train ride or horse and carriage up to the castle.  Next time!

We paid 12 Euro to enter as a family and an extra 2.50 Euro for 4 handsets that gave an English commentary throughout the 40 rooms of the castle.  The boys really enjoyed having their own handsets to listen to and it certainly kept them entertained throughout the tour. 

The rooms were beautifully decorated and maintained and reminded me of the amazing Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Here are the photos that capture the castle’s beauty and its view!

After touring the castle we were hungry so headed down town to find some food. We found a bakery in the pedestrian street area and sat outside to enjoy the weather.  The boys were all keen for a rest so headed back to the hostel.   I enjoyed a walk around the pedestrian streets and found some more small, light and unbreakable Christmas decorations for my collection.  I stopped for a while in a small coffee shop for a hot chocolate before walking back to the hostel.  The boys were all occupied on the computer and Steve on the couch watching tv behind his eyelids – just like at home.  Hostels are great when it comes to large common areas for hanging out.

Later I cooked dinner with whatever I could find amongst our food supplies … so we had frozen vegies from Germany; rice bought in UK; tuna bought in Denmark and curry sauce bought in Sweden! Yum!  Steve and I spent the evening researching what we might do to get ourselves around USA and Canada in October whilst the boys played with a German boy staying at the hostel.  Tonight was the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Football between Japan and USA.  A young student from Japan came downstairs to watch the game with us.  We were cheering for Japan but went to bed after the first half.  Big day of driving to Nuremberg (Nurnberg) ahead of us tomorrow.


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