Day 201-202 Aberdeen, Scotland

The Gordon Highlanders Museum was on Steve’s list of places to go in Scotland and  thought we would visit the museum when we were in Edinburgh except …

Karina:  Steve, the Gordon Highlanders Museum isn’t in Edinburgh, it’s in Aberdeen.

Steve: No it isn’t.

Karina:  Ahh, yes, it is and Aberdeen is on the opposite side of Scotland to where we are  staying for the week in Appin.

Steve: Oh!

What happened next you wonder?  Well, Karina got online and booked a night in Aberdeen for Steve and Harris at the Aberdeen YHA so the big boys could go on a road trip together to see the museum.  It was a 4 hour drive across the country so it would not have been feasible to do in a day.  On Tuesday Steve and Harris set off from Appin to Aberdeen.  These are the photos that tell the story of their road trip and adventure in Aberdeen.

Note to all:  After 4 attempts to add more photos on a number of separate occasions; I give up!  I will add more photos when the internet speed is fast enough to let me.


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