Day 212 London to Malaga, Spain

I started the day with a walk down to the local Sainsbury’s in Croydon to buy milk for our cereal and a top up voucher for our internet dongle.  Back to the hotel for brekky and then I made use of the hotel gym.  When I returned to the room everyone had risen and we got ourselves organised for a busy day of travel.  Steve had attempted to call the car hire company to see if we could change our drop off destination but since he couldn’t contact them, apart from someone in India who couldn’t help him at all, Steve had to return the hire car to Gatwick Airport.

Steve set off to Gatwick with the majority of our bags and then got himself to the airport.  The boys and I set off for Croydon post office. We had numerous parcels to post.  They had to be posted today because there was absolutely no way we could take them on the plane with us as we were at the limit for all our luggage.  The post office excursion went relatively smoothly and 60 pounds later we had relieved ourselves of numerous superfluous items.  (Finn there is a card in the post for you).

Back to the hotel and thank god for a 12 pm check out.  The boys had earnt some pool time for waiting nicely at the post office so for 40 minutes they had a great time going from the pool to the spa and back again.  All was going well until the last 2 minutes when there was a minor scuffle between them followed by the whacking of a pool noodle and a wet mother!  Aaah! Out of the pool and we got the last of our belongings together before checking out. 

We said farewell to a number of discarded items such as 3 hardly used neck travel pillows and 2 pounds worth of cooking gear.  We have left items in hotel rooms all over the world. I think I just saw the Merrel Sandals on a lady in Gatwick Airport that I left in Taipei!  Anyway, the train station was just 150 metres away so we got our tickets from the Croydon Information Centre; which avoided us standing in queue for 15 minutes at the station.

On the train for just 15 minutes and we arrived in Gatwick.  We called Steve to announce our arrival and we headed to the North Terminal.  We had a good 5 1/2 hour wait before we were to fly out to Malaga.  Just as well we travel with gadgets and books to keep us entertained. 

More to come …



  • Simone Dullaway September 7, 2011

    Happy travels to Spain – I hope you have a fantastic time there. Enjoy the tapas, sangria and seistas!!!!!!

    We’ll be thinking of you all and waiting for your next blog.

    Love Simone and Gang

    P.s. Will get organised and send birthday photos. Erin wore the new swimmers on her birthday – to her lesson! She loves the playmobil characters – we got a princess and Robin Hood :)

  • Baigrie Family September 7, 2011

    So far so good in Espana! Glad the birthday girl loved her swimmers. I’ve managed to update some photos and more blogs to come since we have good internet in our Marbella apartment for this week.

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