Day 260 Edmonton Oil Kings game!

Our last day to get out and about in Edmonton and we declared not to go to WEM.  After a walk I decided that we needed to drive to the downtown of Edmonton to at least have a look, even if we didn’t get out and walk around, and then we could find a playground for the boys.  So that is what we did. I had some addresses for parks so we plugged those into the GPS and we headed to one of the many large parks along the river. We found the playground and had it all to ourselves since it was a weekday. We snacked, played some hide-n-seek and decided to find another park.  I had a funny moment whilst hiding behind a tree.  I could hear a ‘tist tist ‘ noise and looked up to be nearly face to face with a squirrel that was obviously quite unhappy that I was near his tree.  He was going off and made the noise for ages even when I moved away.  I watched him for awhile afterwards and he went up and down the tree like he was checking that his house was in order!

Then we headed for Bonnie Doon.  No, I’m not kidding for all those Australian readers that know the movie ‘The Castle’ where Bonnie Doon is a daggy place they holiday with a receding lake to look out over.  Bonnie Doon in Edmonton is a suburb and we were headed here because I had been told it had a good playground.  It sure did and the boys had a great time playing. 

We were all getting hungry by now but had one more stop at the Army Navy Department Store in Strathcona before going back to the hostel.  This place had a huge selection of hats, gloves, scarves, coats, boots you name it.  Steve walked out with a hat and gloves but I was undecided so left empty handed. Back at the hostel the boys had a rest, I put a load of washing on and then set off to the supermarket to buy more perogies for lunch since we had sour cream leftover and I didn’t want it to go to waste!  I bought bacon and cheese perogies this time and cooked some onion and red and green capsicum/peppers with them.  They were a hit again.  Wish we had them in Australia because they go with anything. 

Following lunch we finally put aside some time as the boys desperately needed haircuts. Supercuts just one block away for a cheapish haircut.  They charge $17 for Steve and $13 for the boys, which was better than $20-22 for kids in the mall.  You have to tip hairdressers over here so we added a $6 tip – $2 for each haircut.  I don’t know what the going rate is for a tip but that is better than nothing.  I had a haircut in the USA when I lived here in 1993 and when I walked out my host sister asked me if I left a tip; I was horrified because I didn’t know I was supposed to and I hadn’t; but in actual fact I didn’t like my haircut very much so maybe it was fitting that I didn’t tip.

Anyway, we strolled down Whyte Avenue to the local Chapters Bookstore and enjoyed a quiet Starbucks whilst the boys perused books.  Then back to the hostel to prepare for our biggest adventure of the day … our first ice-hockey game!  We set off early, and just as well because our GPS had us going up a street closed for roadwork and then we missed an exit because it didn’t give us enough notice that we had to be 2 lanes over to turn. We got stuck in a lot of traffic as well so our 8 km journey took us about 45 minutes. The car park at Rexall Place cost $12, which we weren’t expecting.  We then had to get ourselves to the other side of the stadium to pick up our tickets.  We still made it within plenty of time to see the two teams warming up and to get ourselves some snacks.  All food at the concession stands was 50% off  tonight, and so it should be; why would anyone want to pay $5 for a pretzel.  We got a chilli dog, poutines (chips with cheese and gravy) and onion rings.  Later we got pretzels and Steve got a beer which wasn’t half price and cost him $8!

Edmonton Oil Kings were playing the Portland Winter Hawks and we were in the 8throw back from the benches so got a great view of all the activity as the players swapped over frequently.  Our seats were central so we could also see the big screen tv easily and watch both goals.  The Oil Kings scored 3 goals really quickly and set themselves up for an overall win of 7 to 4. Ice-hockey games are played in 3 periods with a break of 18 minutes in between so that the Zamboni (ice machine) can resurface the rink.  During the breaks they played funny videos on the tv and other entertainment such as t-shirt toss; chuck a puck and pass the perogie.  It was so much fun.  The boys really enjoyed themselves too and every time the Oil Kings scored a goal, Patrick was up doing a victory dance.  The people behind us were cheering for Portland but didn’t mind when Edmonton scored because they were thoroughly entertained by Patrick’s ever changing dance moves!  During one  of the breaks, the usher came up and gave us a pile of Oil Kings souvenirs because she had heard that we had come a long way for the game!  We were now the proud owners of tattoos, keyring lights, player cards and badges.   That was really nice of her. Thanks again.

By the time the last goal was scored, Patrick’s dance moves had ceased and we were all tired.  It didn’t take us long to get to the car and drive back to hostel but instead of falling into bed we showered the boys since they had haircut hair all over them and I packed a few things ready for the morning.  We had a big day of driving to Lloydminster ahead of us.



  • Win Bartholomai October 23, 2011

    What an experience.
    I’d like a video of Patricks victory dances.
    Hope you enjoyed that expensive beer Steve.

  • Sandy October 24, 2011

    We will have beer available at the Tibke household and it will not be $8. See you in a few days. Steve is upstairs trying to put in our wood floor and I am sitting in a pile of laundry while my teenager upstairs is pretending to be sick so she doesn’t have to clean the room you are sleeping in on Wed. All in all things are crazy here!!

  • Baigrie Family October 25, 2011

    Fantastic about the beer, not about the the pile of laundry and hyphochondriac teen! We are so excited to see you all that we will take you and your house and family just as you are! Don’t worry it will all come together and if it doesn’t we can open a bottle of wine!

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