Day 263 Saskatoon to Regina, SK

The alarm went off at 6 am in our attempt to get up early and hit the road early.  Hmmm, the snooze button got pushed a couple of times before I got up, purely because I wanted to get the best donuts (which I did)!  Once I was up I couldn’t go back to bed so I worked on the website in peace and quiet and did some exercise to wake me up.  We were out the door and on the road by 8.30 am which was an early start for us lately.  As you can see by the photo of the car it was also an icy start today.  Our car does not indicate the temperature, which is majorly disappointing because it would be really interesting to see just how cold it was.  As we drove down the main street there were a number of neon signs telling the time and temperature – it was about -4C.  Brrrr.  Our drive from Saskatoon to Regina wasn’t going to be too long today.  Again the drive would take us past many farms, oil pumps and countryside. 

I even took the wheel for some of the drive today to build my confidence in driving again as my last experience in Scotland was highly stressful.  This was easy driving, 2 lane split highway with extra wide shoulders due to the large number of trucks and wide loads that go down the highways.  We made a stop along the way for lunch and to be honest, the time in the car was relaxing but not particularly memorable. We did see a large number of birds flying south.  The more we looked the more we found; huge long streams of birds all flying in ‘v’ formations, and periodically they would pick a spot and all decide to land.

We found ourselves in the small town of Lumsden for lunch.  Finally after driving around town in search of a bathroom and having to use a gas station’s facilities, we spotted a lovely park across the street that had a good sized playground for the boys and public toilets (that were closed for the season).

The park was beside a small creek/lake area and immediately Steve spotted a large beaver-gnawed tree, and then another and then some tracks leading back into the water.  He was most excited and set off to find the beaver!

Steve search took him in the opposite direction to the beaver.  I went the other way and low and behold – a beaver lodge!  It was quite a big one too.  We stood quietly for a little while but the beaver was keeping out of site. I’m sure if we had the time to sit we would have seen him come out.

Back on the road to Regina.  We arrived too early to check into our motel so we drove around the city; saw the lovely Legislature building and went to the Saskatchewan Museum.  The museum wasn’t as well done as the one in Saskatoon and the boys were very tired today so dragged their feet!

After our museum experience we headed to check into the motel.  The motel had a great location across from shops and restaurants so whilst the boys all rested I shopped.  It was good practice for me to take the car out and drive since my experience has been very limited in the last 9 months.  All went well and I had fun buying some birthday gifts for Harris.  We then met up and went out for dinner at Boston Pizza and enjoyed pasta and pizza for pasta Tuesday.  We attempted to get an early night since we knew we’d have a big day of driving ahead to get across the USA border to Mandan, North Dakota. 


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