Day 89 Hooray for Hong Kong!

We were all up, organised and out the hotel door early for our flight from Hanoi to Hong Kong.  We were flying Vietnam Airlines again and this would be our first flight with a meal!  We made it smoothly through the whole check-in, immigration stuff and prepared to sit and wait; which ended up longer than anticipated due to some airport issue.  Finally onboard and off we went.

Some of you may have been to Hong Kong or just have thoughts of Hong Kong being a big bustling city with trams, trains, taxis, buses and people everywhere. Yes, this is true but in comparison to Vietnam, Hong Kong is orderly, efficient, organised and has rules that people follow … like traffic rules; littering, spitting and handwashing regulations.  I love it! Some say it is a sanitised version of Asia. Maybe it is … but after many weeks travelling through Cambodia and Vietnam, sanitation is welcome!

The first thing to do when you arrive in Hong Kong is to get some HK dollars if you don’t have any.  I had about $20 left over from our trip two years ago which was useful for phone calls etc.  Then the next thing is to get an Octopus card each.  This card can be used on nearly all public transport and also to pay for purchases at many different places. We each got a card and used them successfully to get a bus to Hong Kong Island close to the flat we were renting.  We didn’t realise that the road we were staying on had a ‘central’ and a ‘west’. This caused some confusion to start with and some annoyance but finally we got a taxi to the right street and proceeded to contact the owner to get the key for the flat. This also involved some initial confusion but finally we were settled in our lovely newly renovated 2 (small) bedroom apartment with mini kitchen and the smallest toilet/shower/squeeze-in-a-washing-machine room ever in Sheung Wan.

We found ourselves some food at the Queen Street Cooked Food Market down the street and then stocked up on groceries at the closest ‘International’ grocery store.  We were set for some self-catering again and I was really looking forward to my good ‘ol porridge for breakfast and the boys were keen to eat cereal.  We had a week of fun in Hong Kong ahead of us!


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