Days 119-125 London (Part 2)

You can tell by the photos that we covered a lot of the big name attractions in London. We bought a Merlin Pass for each of us – 3 standard passes and 1 premium (it gives you free parking).  This is a pass that can be used at a large number of attractions like London Eye, Legoland, The London Dungeons, SEA Life Centre and more and you can go as often as you like for 12 months.  We thought it would be worth it for us since we will be around for long enough to enjoy it. Means we can go on the London Eye in the day and at night!  We also ventured into Hamley’s toy store. Really isn’t any different to your regular large toy store but kids love it and it is famous! 

Steve and Harris went to the London Dungeon and thoroughly enjoyed it; not for little kids. Patrick and I hung out longer at the Tower of London that day which is also a great place for kids. We bought a Historic Palace Pass which again will get us entry into a number of big name attractions e.g Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace for one year.  We have yet to use the pass to its full capacity but look forward to the palace because we hear it is great fun.  Don’t forget to pick up your kid activity booklets and pencils at the Tower of London ticket office.  The ‘Beasts of the Tower’ booklet is just new and we learnt all about the zoo at the tower that was there for exactly 600 years – those animals became the first animals in the London Zoo.  We loved watching the ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ actors and their sword fights as well.

We liked the SEA Life Centre but didn’t need to stay too long in there since we have seen a lot of fish!  The London Eye was a cool ride and I was surprised you could take food and drink into the ‘pod’ and basically have a picnic as you go around; which we did.  We were lucky that there was a break in the bad weather and we had a beautiful sunny ride looking over London. 



  • Simone Dullaway June 19, 2011

    Did you get any great Xmas decorations in England? Don’t forget to contact Karen and Sarah over there!

  • Simone June 20, 2011

    so much fun!! i miss london and it’s great to see your faces in the fun london! miss you guys!!

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