Days 156-158 – Horby for Erich’s 40th Birthday

Our Swedish road trip was coming to an end.  We packed up the Vaxjo campsite and headed back to Kinney’s house in Horby.  Before we left the Vaxjo area we had to pop into the castle (slott) just down the road called Kronosberg Slott.  It weren’t able to go into the castle but we had a look from the outside.

We made it to Horby for lunch. It was great to see everyone again.  We had returned to Horby so we could celebrate Erich’s 40th birthday on Monday. Saturday night we enjoyed a lovely BBQ dinner and drinks outside; last time in Horby the weather wasn’t suitable for eating outside.  The kids had a great time playing outside and getting wet in the wading pool. We also were able to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup Football match between Sweden and Australia!  Unfortunately Australian didn’t win.

We had a lazy day the next day.  It was nice to sleep somewhere other than the tent and to have a shower with continuous hot water; for more than 2-5 minutes!  Kinney and I had some ‘kid & husband free-time’ for a few hours when we drove to Malmo for a spot of shopping and coffee. It was great to chat without the constant demands of mothering!  Kinney and I has stopped at a small town to buy fishing passes for Steve and Erich because the next day, Monday 11th was Erich’s 40th birthday and they were going fishing. 

Steve and Erich headed off to the lake at 6am to get a head start on fishing.  Kinney’s brother and family drove up to join us by the lake for a BBQ birthday lunch.  It was an ideal location for a picnic and the kids had a great time running around in the woods and attempting to fish.  Hot dogs taste extra good on an open grill and the rain stayed away until lunch was eaten. Notice I said ‘hot dogs’ – not fish! 

Erich opening his new flash coffee machine and holding the catch of the day!

We all attempted to catch some fish.  We could see some really big fish jumping out of the water and teasing us with our fishing lines but we weren’t so lucky.  The kids and mums headed home and left the men to catch some fish for dinner … we ate chicken instead!  Erich’s 40th birthday celebrations ended with more presents, cake and starting up the new coffee machine.  We’d all had a nice day and hope the birthday boy did too.  Patrick also got to practice blowing out a candle for his 6th birthday that is rapidly approaching.

We farewelled Kinney, Erich, Philip and Vilmer and the little town of Horby.  We were so lucky to have been able to spend this time with my friend and her wonderful little family.  Friends forever!



  • W Bartholomai July 15, 2011

    Dear Karina, Steve and boys,
    Sounds like you are having more fabulous times. Who would have thought that your year in Rotary would have lead to so many friendships? They will all be wanting to visit you in Australia now. Take care, Mum & Dad

  • Kinney July 19, 2011

    We sure do miss you guys! The house turned terribly quiet after you left… Well, we will see you again, who knows where next time?!
    Lots of love, Kinney w family

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