Days 174-177 – Playing in Paris

On our last day of sightseeing in Paris we walked from Notre-Dame to the beautiful Jardin de Luxembourg, a massive park in the city.  As we made our way into the park, looking for somewhere to sit, the boys made a beeline for the water to watch the sailing boats.  We had to join in the fun – for 2 Euro (for 1/2 hour) you could hire a small wooden sailing boat to launch on the large pond. The boat came with a long wooden dowel for pushing the boat out to sea!  You can see the pond in the first photo in the background.  Here are the photos of the boys sailing adventure …

After boating we asked the boatman if there was a playground in the park.  Was there ever!  The boys were more than impressed with the very large fenced off, pay entry to get in playground for kids and parents.  How could we refuse the 2.50 Euro each for them to get in or the 1.50 Euro for us?  We could refuse the 1.50 Euro luckily as they are big enough to run around with us watching from the fenceline but, geez can you believe you had to pay? Well, actually the two Australian girls they met didn’t pay. They had just jumped the fence and their parents were surprised to hear that they were supposed to have paid – ha ha. Maybe we were all convicts.



  • Doug and Noela Baigrie August 2, 2011

    Now I’ve got to write it all over again. The code was obscure and rejected me and wiped my letter!
    Hi Guys! Looks like fun nonstop in pretty picturesque Paris. No “pool fences” though? It’s a wonder the boys didn’t want to jump in! Perhaps it was better fishing for little sailing boats! Hope you are all still well and keeping safe. We’re fine here. Supposed to be 3-4C here again in the morning. Bit chilly for when Ivan comes up from Ipswich to have a game of golf with though.
    Thanks for all the interresting pictures.
    Love You All Heaps. Mum ‘n Dad.XXXX

  • Win Bartholomai August 3, 2011

    The playground looks really challenging. I noticed no-one on the grass in the park photo. We came across numerous parks where you were not allowed to walk or sit on the grass. At times we were so hot and tired all we wanted to do was lie on the grass for a rest – but no go!
    love to all,
    Mum and Dad

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