Days 18 – 19 – Kuala Lumpur

Our last two days in Malaysia were lots of fun. Monday 21st February, our host Christina took us out for a traditional Indian breakfast – yum!  We were joined by a lovely family from China – hi to Roger and family. 

Roger and family from China joining us for an Indian breakfast.

Christina took me into the neighbouring temple and explained the rituals when they worship Ganesha the elephant god. We lit a candle; walked around the temple three times touching Ganesha and then smashed a coconut so that our prayers would be answered. 

Sunway Lagoon was the next stop - a good size waterpark in Petaling Jaya. There was also an amusement park and animal park within the park grounds. Lucky both the boys were tall enough to ride all the waterslides; even I went on all of them too!  They had an absolute ball and have fond memories of their first waterpark experience. Patrick also rode his first rollercoaster.

Captain Quack, Harris and Patrick at Sunway Lagoon.

That evening I went with Christina and another Australian couple to a local market in Petaling Jaya. This is a market that moves every night of the week and is not known to tourists generally. We had a great time exploring and it was fantastic to have Christina explain the food to us. I ate a Chinese pancake and fried carrot cake for dinner – which isn’t carrot or a cake at all, it is white radish with egg and sauce and delicious.

Next day ….

  • Batu Caves with our driver and tour guide Ben from Green Wings. Ben made our day by being a wonderful source of knowledge and great conversationalist on our journey. Thanks!

272 steps lead to Batu Caves.

The Baigrie Family at Batu Caves.

Following Batu Caves we went to the Royal Selangor Pewter Factory. There are free tours of the factory with a drink out of a small pewter cup included!  We enjoyed the tour and looking around the shop at the end of the tour but didn’t buy anything – too hard to choose!  The next part of the day was to head to Kuala Gandah to the Elephant Conservation Park. We lunched on the way and ate some ‘street’ type food – roast duck and chicken with rice. Not sure how long it had been hanging up – but no ill effects a few days on from it!

We got to watch the keepers wash the elephants and then we saw them do their tricks; hand fed the elephants fruit; rode and elephant and … Steve and Harris were brave enough to sit on the elephant as it laid down in the water and could wash it!  I really did not like the idea of getting into the same water that we saw the elephants do elephant size wees and poos!


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    Hi to you all. Boy are you having some exciting experiences. Your web site will be a great diary for the boys in years to come. Have a great time. When do you go to Singing Kites?

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