December is here – 9 weeks to go

Another week has come and nearly gone and I think it has rained nearly the whole time.

This week I have learnt that cleaning can be hazardous. Do not … and I repeat, do not try to clean a kitchen drawer with slightly too wet fingers because you are at risk of having that drawer fall on your foot at high speed and cause you to swear loudly in ear shot of your children and not be able to comfortablely wear a shoe for several days.

This week our house was listed for rent and it sparkled for the hour that the agent took photos! 

Basketball is over for the year and Harris’s shoes have gone to a good home. No point having them sit in a storage box, only to return to shoes that are too small and too smelly!

One week left of school and the report card looms!

I have a lovely countdown calendar happening at work on which I nicely cross off each work day as it passes by.

There are still so many things to do but keeping up with the pace is starting to take its toll. Took some time off on Monday to go to the movies and see the new Harry Potter movie and also fitting in some reading time; a few books other than travel guides!

More next week …


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