Favourite RTW family blogs.

Hours of googling on the Internet means my ‘Favourites’ list has grown rapidly and exponentially.  Initially I began searching for RTW travel with kids and stumbled across blogs written by families.  This really inspired me to 1. Want to go RTW with my family and 2. have my own blog.  In my many hours of searching I have only found two Australian websites.   If you know of any others then please let me know.  I have compiled a list of my favourites with the Aussie ones at the top of the list:



  • Alysia November 14, 2010

    I came across your website from sixintheworld. I followed their journey and have also followed quite a bit of soul travelers 3. I haven’t done what you’re doing, but hope to some day. Maybe when my youngest is out of diapers we can start thinking about it for real! Good luck! Have you read “One Year Off” by David Cohen?

  • Baigrie Family November 15, 2010

    Hi and thanks for your comment. Hope you keep following the adventures of the Baigrie Family (hopefully not too many misadventures!). Thanks for the book tip. I will check it out and see if I can get a free sample on Kindle. Just had a peak at your own website. We are planning on driving through Michigan on our way to ND. Who knows? Our paths may cross again …

  • Jennifer October 6, 2011

    Hi there I just found your blog from six out of oz. We are another Australian family travelling the world with two boys this year. Currently we are in Peru, but about to go to the USA for our final two months.

    Nice blog! You seem to have gone to many similar places to us!

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