First purchase for our trip!

A morning spent without kids at Anaconda and Mountain Designs meant Steve and I could really get an idea of what is out there in the world of travel gear.  I tried on some easy care travel pants but didn’t purchase them at the time thinking I might be able to get them cheaper during my USA trip in October.  After returning home and googling the brand details, I found that the exact pants were no longer available in the USA and similar pants were no cheaper over there.  I immediately got on the phone to Anaconda to their mail service department.  Within 10 minutes I was the proud owner of the two pants I had tried on in-store.  I could not fault their service and the pants arrived safely in the mail within 2 days; much cheaper than a return trip to Brisbane.  The arrival of those pants also brought with it the most overwhelming feeling of …. Oh my god, this is really happening!  Buying those pants made me feel like this whole wonderful adventure was underway.  All that emotion from some pants!



  • jess September 6, 2010

    hi karina
    check as well–they have dri-fit shirts for men and women for $10, and katmandu also had some great deals on dri-fit/quickdry hiking shirts for kids. dri-fit is easy to hand-wash and wears well. as for shopping in the states–beware that you will be out of the season and it might be hard to get summer stuff (i’ve recently tried to get my sister in canada to source some lightweight rain wear for the kids and have already missed the season for them as that is considered ‘spring’ attire and they are moving into winter!)

    have fun shopping!

  • Baigrie Family September 6, 2010

    Thanks. Will check out their website.

  • Tracy Burns September 6, 2010

    The first purchases are so scary… and exciting. Enjoy the feeling!

    I have a pair of travel pants and skirt which have been so handy, although I don’t wear them as much as I thought I would. We have the same kids shirts that Jess has bought, they’re great. Colin has lived in his shirts that he bought from Kathmandu. He’s usually carrying a backpack so gets quite sweaty, they dry in no time. After 7 months of constant wear they still look new.

    Just remember everything is also cheaper in Asia. You can get ‘off the back of a truck’ Northface clothes and packs etc in Vietnam for ridiculously cheap prices. I got a full on winter, fleece lined, hooded jacket for 30US. Cambodia has quite a bit as well, particularly the Russian Markets in Phnom Penh. We didn’t see much kids stuff there but plenty of winter gear. Our plan is to head back to Vietnam and stock up on all that stuff before heading over to the USA, rather then dragging it around with us. KL and Bangkok also have a good range of travel/hiking stores.

  • Tracy Burns September 6, 2010

    OOPS that was supposed to read ‘ We didn’t see much kids stuff there (Cambodia) but plenty of winter gear for adults’

    Sorry typing after several late nights and running around all day with sick kids… my grammar and spelling is not so good!

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