Get packing (the house, not a backpack yet).

As soon as we decided we were embarking on our overseas adventure I started packing.  As an experienced mover (more than 15 moves in 17 years with student exchange, university and work); I know how to pack a box! 

So far I have packed about 4 tea chest size boxes with all those things we are keeping like Harris and Patrick’s baby and school memorabilia.  Also packed two more plastic containers of trinkets and photo frames – things I don’t feel like looking at and dusting over the next 5 months.  The Christmas decorations are packed away – no 7’ 6” Christmas tree with 10 sets of lights this year.  Sad because it looks so spectacular but a relief not to have to put it up and take it down. 

I’ll start on the bookshelf next and see what books can be added to the next garage sale pile or donated to   After that I plan to tackle my wardrobe!  I have already gone through it once but it needs another run through.  So many items are rarely worn and to be honest how many gardening clothes do I need?

The more I pack, the more motivating it is.  Every box feels like a step closer to a travel goal.


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