Hanging out in Sweden

What did we do in Horby, Sweden in the week we were there? Well if you look at all the photos I have inserted, you would think all we did was eat and drink.  We did do a lot of that since we spent much of the week hanging out in Kinney’s house to keep out of the rain and to keep warm, even though it was supposed to be Midsommar (Midsummer)!  Our first day we enjoyed hotdogs for lunch and a traditional sausage and tomato bake at Kinney’s house. Check out Vilmer the littlest hot dog helper.

We headed into Malmo one day to go to Ikea (e-kay-ah) and enjoyed lunch in the restaurant; the kids played in Smoland and we shopped!  The Swedish meatballs and salmon are two of the popular recipes on offer.

We drove to Lund one day and saw the sights.  Lund has a beautiful old church and many other old buildings.  The church has a special astronomical clock.

We enjoyed an icecream down town, as many of the locals were doing, since the sun was shining.  At 4pm we met up with Anders and his sons Tuan and Hang Quang, whom we had met in Hoi An, and his wife Lotta and her lovely children Wilma and Albert.  We enjoyed a fun evening with great company, great food and lots of laughs. Thank you all!  See us below – Albert is not a dwarf (just being 15 years old).

One night we went out for a dinner at a pizzeria in the neighbouring town of Hoor with Kinney’s family.  Her partner Erich is Italian and says this pizzeria makes the most authentic Italian pizza around.  It’s really popular and since we didn’t book a table, thinking we wouldn’t need to on a Thursday night, we had to sit outside. It was a cool evening but they gave us blankets!  The pizza was great and  large enough that one could easily feed two people; as could the kebab meat and chips dinner. We had a yummy dinner and then on the way home headed to a gorgeous local park.

It was after 9pm when we enjoyed our walk around the park and lake.  Their were baby frogs hopping everywhere.  A few went to froggy heaven after being caught by one particular 3 year old!

The timing of our trip to Sweden was to coincide with Midsommar celebrations; it also happened that my friend Kinney had a carpal tunnel operation on one hand on the second day we were there. It was ‘handy’ for her that we were around to assist with preparations and to help entertain children. One day I got to drive Kinney’s car because she couldn’t drive with her bandaged hand! Fancy trusting someone who hasn’t driven for 4 months and in a right hand drive car for the first time! Ha, but there were jobs to be done and children to juggle so Steve got the swimming lesson journey with 3 boys and Kinney and I did the errands with the littlest one and a shopping trip for Midsommar groceries.

My boys had a sneek peek at the local swim centre and were keen to return so that afternoon both Dads and 4 boys headed back there for an afternoon of fun; particularly the rock climbing wall that is over the pool so when you fall you fall into 3.8 metre deep water! Cool. Kinney and I walked to the shops to get the sausages we needed for the Midsommar feast the next day and tried on some sunglasses!

One evening we were feeling particulary hungry so we ate moose pasta for dinner; a local specialty …

Yep, moose pasta bought from Ikea! Tasted really good too.


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  • Simone Dullaway June 28, 2011

    Hi Karina – I’ve been planning to go to Ikea lately – albeit it Ikea Springwood!!!! Maybe I will be able to pick up moose pasta there. Here’s hoping! bye

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