Happy New Year 2012!

Where did 2011 go?  Well, everyone, who has religiously been reading our website knows what we got up to this year.  If you don’t know what we did then you’d better go back and catch up!  For the fourdotsonthemap, 2012 started in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA with our good friends and wonderful hosts, the Hoffman Family. 

We had a wonderful night with great company; an abundance of food and drink and lots of laughs.  The kids kept themselves busy whilst the adults played board games … yes, board games that were anything but boring and in fact highly entertaining. Midnight came and went and we (I) crawled into bed about 1.30am – maybe that is why I felt like I needed an afternoon nap.  No nap; packing was the priority as we leave Cincinnati tomorrow to go back to northern Ohio for a last visit with friends up there.  Our two weeks in Cincy have been a blur of activity.  The kids have not had time for any school book learning but we figure they have caught up on their social skills and physical education as we went to the local recreation centre every day to swim and play.

As we near the end of our 342 days of travel, the questions have begun.  Everyone wants to know the ins and outs about our year.  I have every intention of putting together a very detailed web post that adequately addresses all the most frequently asked questions (at some time in the near future).  If you have a question that you would like answered then feel free to send me a message on this site and I will answer it for you; no doubt someone else out there wants to know the same thing and it may be something we haven’t been asked before e.g. someone recently asked me what was the most healthy country that we went to.  Hmm … well, it certainly isn’t America!

Our first day of 2012 has been a fantastic day.  Our friends attend Crossroads church, a very large church in Cincinnati.  All the kids were electronically checked into the age appropriate kids club; we had stickers for them and stickers for us so we could claim the right child; they had a great time with their peer group and we got to listen to the pastor without interruption.  Being the first day of the year, the service revolved around reflecting on 2011 and looking towards the year ahead.  I really enjoyed his talk about time and the moments in time that are significant.  We have had many significant moments in 2011 as we travelled the world; some of those I will attempt to recap in another upcoming post.

Harris started the year off winning a competition at church; not just any competition, a food eating competition. I’ve always said he was a great eater and at the age of two could eat a whole banana in 3 bites; now he has found his calling!  Check out the photos, that we were kindly emailed from two of the kid’s club volunteers, that captured the food gobbling moments.  I wish I could upload the video of the food eating but the computer isn’t cooperating – let me say, it is an absolute classic.

 More to come …. Happy New Year to one and all!



  • Win Bartholomai January 9, 2012

    Congratulations Harris on winning a competition. I will have to make sure that I have a BIG meal ready for you when you return.

    Hope you have your summer clothes ready. Today was 40.6 Celsius at Ipswich and 39 degrees at our place!
    See you soon,
    love Nanny

  • Michelle Fielding January 9, 2012

    This time next week!!!!!

  • Simone Dullaway January 12, 2012

    Welcome back Baigries!!!!

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