Have you been wondering what the Baigrie Family’s plans were for the next 5 months?  Me too!  Only in the last 3 days have we finally worked out what our plans would be after we return from Spain in October. Hold onto your hats because I have actually put it online for everyone to read. Here is our much awaited itinerary update for

  • 3rdSeptember – fly to Malaga, Spain and get ourselves to Marbella for 24 days in the one place!  Karina will attend Spanish school for 2 weeks; Steve will do his Day Skipper sailing course out of Gibraltar for 9 days and the boys will get stuck into some school work and swim in the pool all day.
  • 28thSeptember – travel north through Spain to Barcelona taking in Granada, Cordoba, Alicante, Valencia and ending in Barcelona (we think); eating tapas and drinking sangria along the way.
  • 8th October – fly Barcelona to London for our last 4 days in the UK. Karina will celebrate her birthday in London.
  • 12th October – fly London to Chicago, Illinois, USA and the third and final chunk of travel begins. First stop Chicago to eat deep-pan Chicago pizza and walk around the windy city.
  • 15thOctober – fly Chicago to Calgary, Alberta, Canada so we can ski; drink hot chocolate by the fire; see the world’s largest mall; spot dinosaurs in Drumheller; see where Buffalos had their Heads-Smashed-In and hit some national parks.
  • Sometime in October – drive to North Dakota to visit my friend Sandy where will we celebrate Harris’s birthday and Halloween!
  • November – drive back to Calgary through Saskatchewan.
  • 17th November – fly Calgary to Orlando to visit the Hoffman Family for Thanksgiving; pop into Disney to see Mickey and Universal Studios to see Harry! Also plan to get to Key West and the Everglades National Park and visit my old friend Carla in Miami.
  • 14th December – fly Orlando to Columbus, Ohio.  We get to hang out in Ohio for Christmas and New Year with our friends who are scattered from one end of the state to the other! 
  • 7th January – fly Columbus to LA.  Have a couple of days in LA to hang out and hopefully meet up with a family we met in Vietnam.
  • 9th January – fly LA to Australia!  Wow, our final and longest flight we saved to the very end.
  • 11th January – Arrive in Australia to reunite with our faithful dog Karlee and our family and friends.
  • 14thJanuary – Welcome home get together in Jimboomba for all that can make it (perhaps)?

Well, that’s all folks.  I’ve tried to fit in as much as possible and to see everyone that we want to see even though it means criss-crossing the country.  I tried to share out the holidays so that we get to enjoy them with all our friends at one point or another; catch the best weather in different parts of the country whilst trying to avoid the crowds as best we can.  That’s the outline of our travels to this date. Keep in mind that whilst the flights are booked, we still have no accommodation, car hire or tickets booked at this stage so our itinerary is still very much open dated.  I’m currently working on all of that!  I feel like a travel agent without the job at Flight Centre and the associated perks – hint hint if anyone from Flight Centre reads my blog.  All suggestions on places to stay and things to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for continuing to read our adventures.



  • Simone Dullaway August 21, 2011

    Hi Karina – thanks for the update. I can’t wait to catch up with you all in January. Have a great time along the way and enjoy it all. No news from here. We got the parcel for Erin – but have not opened it yet. Wish you could be here for her party – should be fun! Happy Birthday Steve!!! We owe you a pressie when you get home.

    Lots of Love from us all, Simone, Scott, Michael and Erin

  • Carin Sandell August 22, 2011

    Hi Karina.
    Your travel are amazing. And You have been traveling for a long time. Now the last part. I have reed on your site, following your family so far. On our travel we have the longest flight the last one too. And it feelt very long that time. But you have a few month left so enjoy your time in to the end. Have a nice time in Spain before the winter coming to you. Skiing sounds very lovley. Our children miss that on our traviling. So I hope we can do some skiing this winter. Say hello to your family. Regards Carin Sandell on Hönö in Sweden

  • Karina Baigrie August 22, 2011

    Thanks Simone and Carin. Good to know someone cares where we are in the world!

    Carin, hope Alice the pup has lost her sharp puppy teeth and is no longer chewing on your children, and your math studies are going well!

    Simone, give Erin a big hug for her birthday. Will try to Skype if the wifi is good!

  • Win Bartholomai August 23, 2011

    Your itinerary sounds great. Can’t believe how the time is flying by. Look forward to your return on 11th – I believe I have the weekend off of the 14th – so yes, a family reunion would be lots of fun. In the mean time enjoy your travels.

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