Like we never left!

Here is the link to a little article I wrote for my local newspaper, The Chronicle. I promise I will get back to some regular updates about our return to ‘normal’ life soon – just as soon as I get my head above water and clear my list of all the things to do when returning to regular life!



  • with2kidsintow February 15, 2012

    Here, here :( Sounds like our reality, except we also have ‘gradual entry’ to deal with for a prep and a kinder kid, so i have to set reminders daily as to what time i have to pick up whom!! so much more to do it seems now than before we left!

    On the plus side, there’s a BIG AirAsia sale on right now :) We’re going to Bali for 11 days for sept school holidays!!

  • Michelle February 17, 2012

    Hi there! Welcome back to Toowoomba! I can’t believe that it has been a whole year. Might bump into you some time around the place :)


  • Baigrie Family February 24, 2012

    Thanks Michelle.

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