List of our camping stuff

Here is the list of camping equipment that we have acquired in order to camp around the UK and Europe: 

Tent                                                       130                         Millets

Sleeping bags x 4                              112

Camp mats                                         40

Single fitted sheet for mat           2.87 x 4                 ASDA

Egg flipper                                           34 p                       

Large spoon                                       34 p

Cutlery set                                          2.89                        Argos

Chopping boards                              1                              Poundland

Plastic containers                             2

Good knife                                         5                              TK Maxx

Tea towels                                          1

Plastic containers for gear            12                           Tesco

Dustpan and brush                          ?                              ASDA

Frypan wok                                        2.35

Saucepan with lid                             10

Small picnic rug                                 1                             

Butane cooker                                  9                              ASDA

Butane gas tubes x 4                      6

GPS                                                        83                           Argos                                                                   

Small British road atlas                   5                              WHSmith

Scooters for the boys                     50                           Argos

Washing up bucket                         2

Washing cloths                                  2

Dish liquid                                           1

Camp chairs x 2                                 10                           From  Go Outdoors, paid 5 for membership card.

Mobile Mains Site Power Unit    40                                                                                     A must have if you want to camp and enjoy electricity because nothing else will connect to power stations in UK campsites.


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  • Simone Dullaway June 21, 2011

    Wow – tent looks great – hope you’re warm enough on your travels! Happy camping:)
    Love Simone

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