Missing the travel life!

Sorry to all my readers who are wondering what has become of me.  I’ve been swamped by ‘normal’ life.  My head is just starting to get above the water after so many things to do upon returning to Oz.  Don’t look in my spare room because it still houses all the ‘stuff’ I haven’t housed yet.  Mostly our home is back to what it was before we left.  We are all back at work, school and all the other extra activities we pack into our lives, necessary and unnecessary.  As I run out the door to take boys to basketball, here is the link to my latest ramblings for The Chronicle paper.  Enjoy.


P.S.  I have every intention (still) of writing the top 25 of our travels and more ….


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  • Amber February 14, 2013

    We are an Australian family. With 2 boys. About to head off on our own big trip!

    My boys are 9 (turning 10) and 7 (turning 8). We’re going for 6 months, to Europe and back through Asia.

    I’m looking forward to exploring – and gaining insight from – your blog!

    Thanks :)
    Amber. X

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