Must read: ‘360 Degrees Longitude’ by John Higham

When searching for RTW family blogs, I happened across the website of the Higham Family – a family of four from San Francisco.  Apart from the great list of books they compiled for their daughter to read; John made their own story of RTW travel into a book titled ‘360 Degrees Longitude’.  The book wasn’t available in Australia when I went searching so during my recent USA trip I went into the first Barnes and Noble I could find and found a copy – the only one on the shelf.  Immediately I started devouring it between conference sessions and any opportunity in airports and on planes. 

I highly recommend anyone contemplating RTW travel with kids to get a copy of this book however you can. It is likely to be on Kindle soon.  My husband has just recently finished reading it and I didn’t even have to make him! Every now and then he would chuckle whilst reading and I’d ask what he was up to; we’d then share the joke.  I emailed John and tell him how much we enjoyed the book and I don’t know if I found it more motivating or terrifying!  Whilst the Higham Family had a wonderful year, they also had some itinerary altering experiences too. I won’t spoil it for you – you’ll have to read the book to find out!


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