Never a dull moment.

I mentioned to someone recently that I haven’t had a great deal of time to devote to thinking about our travel plans in depth due to all the extra things that are currently on my To-Do-List.  My blog To-Do-List doesn’t accurately reflect all the extra things that the Baigrie Family has on their agenda before we can leave the country that keep us busy and life rarely dull.  As items are crossed off I feel like we are getting even closer to ‘Bon Voyage’.

  • Prepare Power point presentation for the ‘Are you Remotely Interested?’ conference in Mount Isa.
  • Present at conference in Mount Isa in August.
  • Attend conference at the Sunshine Coast.
  • Attend PJ and Dan’s wedding.
  • Attend nephew Michael’s christening.
  • Attend Matt and Jules’ wedding -postponed until May next year due to Jules’ having a nasty accident.
  • Survive five days and four nights with Harris at Cuboree (the first statewide Cub Scout camp in Queensland). – called off two days early due to torrential rain!
  • Attend Crystal and Julian’s wedding.
  • Prepare Power point presentation for the American School Health Association conference in America.
  • Present at conference in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Visit friends in America whilst there for the conference.
  • Auntie Kylie’s 40th birthday party.
  • Finish out the year as Harris’s Assistant Cub Scout leader.
  • Support Harris through the remainder of Year 4, basketball, choir, chess club, Cub Scouts, piano and piano exam.
  • Support Patrick through the remainder of pre-prep.
  • ….. I think that is plenty, although extra things are likely to crop up.

Wow – did you see that? What? Up there.  All the items on the list are crossed out!!! Don’t worry though, many more items have been added to other to do lists!



  • Michelle Fielding September 4, 2010

    Something tells me you have your hands full! And a lot of wedding presents to buy!

  • Simone Dullaway September 11, 2010

    Add – have a Farewell party to your list! :)

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