Packing List for 4 – Toiletries.

Here is our list of toiletries. Some might disagree with the hair dryer and some makeup but my photos will look a whole lot better for it! I’ve shaded in blue that we already have assembled.

Toothpaste to share Toothbrush Toothbrush Toothbrush
Kid shampoo and body wash x 1   Toothpaste to share Cologne
Toothbrush   Liquid soap Comb
    Travel Shampoo Deodorant
    Travel Conditioner Shaver and cream
    Lipgloss Nail clippers
    Tinted invisible zinc moisturiser  
    Sun cream First Aid Kit –
    Travel Perfume Immodium Plus
    Deodorant Gastrostop
    Travel hair dryer Nurofen
    Bushman’s Repellant Gastrolyte
    Antibacterial gel Bandaids
    Hair clips Antihistamine
    Skin cream Oral antibiotics
    Sanitary products Alcohol wipes
    Baby wipes Scissors
    Brush Splinter probes
    Daily medications – OCP Savlon
    Scrubby thing for skin Stingose
    Shaver Micropore tape
    Foot scrubber Paracetamol
    Cotton buds Gloves
      Non-stick dressing
    Eye drops



  • Jennifer November 3, 2010

    Less is more when packing- especially toiletries. My hubby & I did a RTW trip for 1 year and found in SEAsia you can get all the toiletries you need- a lot cheaper than in Oz. Take the very basics you need for the plane and 1st night- then go to a shop in your first destination and get the rest. I totally over packed the toiletries and vowed to remember people overseas wash their hair and brush their teeth too! The only thing worth getting from home is good insect repellant and sunscreen. Good luck. PS I used my make-up only a handful of times- again rethink if you really need it. You’ll have a happy holiday glow – better than any make-up you can buy

  • Baigrie Family November 5, 2010

    Thanks for the tip! Will stock up on enough Bushman’s repellant and cheap Coles sunscreen before we leave and I’ll take a lipstick so I don’t look washed out. The rest can stay behind. I wear makeup every day for work so it will be a nice break from wearing it.

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