Preparing for home

As we countdown the weeks until we go home, we are starting to think about a new list of things to do.  Whilst this list is not as big a list as when we were preparing to leave the country, it is still a substantial and important list of ‘stuff’.  Here are some of the things that we need to consider to make the transition to our ‘regular’ lives of work, school and running a household when we return home mid-January:

  • Booking a removalist to get our gear out of storage and back into our house (or the garage to start with!).
  • Looking into phone companies for the best plans for phone and internet (all suggestions welcome).
  • Sorting out insurance for our contents and removal day.
  • Researching cars because we need to get a new family car when we return home.
  • Looking at the book lists for school for the boys so I know what I need to buy to pack them off to school.
  • Corresponding with their school to set up a meeting before the school year starts.
  • Writing a list of ‘stuff’ to buy before we leave the USA so we can stock up on bargains e.g. next size up of boys clothing because it is so cheap and such good quality compared to what we can buy.
  • Writing a grocery list to restock my pantry.  I own some toilet paper, washing powder, cleaning products and plastic wrap that has been in our storage shed for the year.  I will basically be starting my pantry, fridge and freezer from scratch – fun!
  • Thinking about what we are going to do with all our gear and how we might rearrange our house.

As I think of more things this list will expand.  Have you thought of something I might need to consider?  Let me know!  There is only so much thinking my brain can handle these days!

Thanks for the suggestions from my in-laws!  Here is more for my to-do-list:

  • Get the electricity back on.
  • Book medical appointments for health check ups.
  • Get uniforms organised for boys – have most items for Patrick as hand-me-downs but need new shorts, shoes and hats.
  • Welcome home our dog Karlee.
  • Prepare for back to work!
  • Dentist appointments for all and specialist scan for Harris’s growing mouth.



  • Doug and Noela Baigrie December 4, 2011

    Get the Electricity Account changed back;
    Welcome Carlie back home; Restock her tucker.
    Check out work rosters;
    Medical check-ups, or at least complete travel medication regime when you return to home environment.
    School Uniforms for the boys;
    Inspect the house upon tennant exit.

    Last few weeks will fly by in a hurry I’ll bet. Looking forward to seeing you all home safe and sound.
    G’ma & G’pa OOOOXXXX

  • Win Bartholomai December 9, 2011

    Some more jobs to do
    * retrieve all your gear from our house and shed!
    * get your boat from Bob and Nola
    * buy petrol for the lawn mower as you will need it!
    * ensure your mail is redirected back to your place
    counting the days,
    love Mum and Dad

  • Baigrie Family December 10, 2011

    Thanks Mum. Yes, we will gladly gather all our junk and take it with us! Mail redirection should be automatic when the 12 months is completed. Petrol for mower – urgh! Leave that job to Steve!

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