Shed clean out!

I’ve had a few (nearly 10) garage sales in my time and yesterday’s effort rates as mediocre at the very best.  Nevermind. The effort was still worth it because now I have a great number of piles of ‘stuff’ that has been organised and designated to friends and a number of local charities.  Look out – something might be coming your way! 

I can’t believe that was the fourth garage sale we have actually had in 4 years. How much ‘stuff’ can you have?? Today I spent some time packing more boxes of ‘stuff’ that we are keeping. I am already certain that after this ‘stuff’  has sat for 3 months boxed up ready for storage, and then 12 months in storage, we will open the boxes and wonder “why?”. “Why did I bother keeping this/that/those at all?”

If you have done the extended RTW trip thing and returned, would love to hear your thoughts on how you reunited with your ‘stuff’!



  • Tracy Burns November 10, 2010

    I’m dreading opening up our storage shed next month. I know we’re never going to get the kids out of it… and with all the rain Brisbane’s had this year I’m a little scared that my 2000 books will be a mouldy mess!

    Like you, I’m pretty sure we’re going to open the shed and wonder why we kept it all! We’re already planning to sell everything bar our kitchen stuff, books, trampoline, swing set and the oh so important latex mattress (after the hard beds in Asia there’s no way we’re selling that!).

    PS if you find cheap storage sheds out your way I want to know. Ours is costing us a small fortune!!! Thinking we should just build a shed at Poppy’s place

  • with2kidsintow November 13, 2010

    When I did myfirst RTW thing, I too spent a small fortune on storage, but the original plan was to be gone for only 4mo. 18 mo later, that small fortune had turned into more than the value of the stuff itself! Had it not been for the personal stuff in the locker, I was tempted to abandon it altogether. Upon return and when reuinited with the ‘stuff’, it definitely was a case of ‘why did i bother’. But this time around, storage space isn’t too much of an issue so we’re keeping most things except for toys and kids clothing which I know will be outgrown by the time we get back. If you had to pay for storage, weigh up the cost of replacement and the cost of actually storing it to see whether its worth keeping or not, as that’s really what it comes down to I think. Good luck!

  • Baigrie Family November 14, 2010

    Yep, 10 years ago if we were embarking on this journey, the most valuable item we owned, apart from cars, was the fridge and the dog, and we wouldn’t have thought twice about putting both of those and the bits and pieces in storage with family. We still have the dog but now with 2 kids have upgraded to the largest family fridge and freezer we can afford to feed our growing lads and numerous other whitegoods, furniture etc. Financially we are still better off storing our ‘stuff’ because we could not replace all those items for anywhere close to the cost of storage and insurance for a year. If we decide the other end of the world looks better, then we will rethink. The things that you would pay to send across the world is the ‘stuff’ we are keeping (and a wee bit more!)

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