Singing Kites

I first heard about Singing Kites, a school in Cambodia, in 2009. Two nurses from work have volunteered at the school and Jeremy, the son of Harris’s school deputy principal, volunteered at the school for 6 months.  Singing Kites just stuck in my mind for some reason.  Every now and then I would think about it.  One day I got online, found the website and emailed Lyn Hotchin, the lady who started the school.  As it turns out, Lyn lives quite close to me and we met one afternoon so I could ask about volunteer work.

I have always wanted to do overseas volunteer work and even bought a book about volunteer organizations 10 years ago.  We are not members of a church or other group so this was the perfect opportunity for us as a family to do something great for other people.  Lyn explained the history of the school and all about the new volunteer cottage that was in the process of being built that we will be able to stay.  I am really looking forward to working with the kids and for my kids to become more aware of the lives of children in another country.


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  • Sara Graham October 1, 2010

    HI Karina! After reading this blog, I am so captivated by the possibility of taking the family to do such amazing volunteer work! I have always wanted to involve my family in social justice but never thought larger than the local homeless shelter/feeding the homeless. Thanks for helping me realize that my options are so much larger than imagined! I can’t wait to hear about this adventure.

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