Snow in Ohio!

We missed out on a white Christmas but finally, just days before leaving America, we were lucky enough to get some snow.  The kids had a wonderful time hanging out with our friends the Graham Family; who were also fantastic hosts.  Miss you guys!



  • lucca adams February 24, 2012

    looks like the kids had tons of fun! ohio is indeed a awesome state to visit in winter! I always do a vacation rentals ( i live in NYC) and travel with my little ones , as they looove snow! hope everything went well on your way back!

  • Baigrie Family February 24, 2012

    If this is spam then please don’t write again. If you are friendly then thanks for the well wishes!

  • Micki June 21, 2012

    Looks like so much fun! We travel as a family too, and it’s so nice to come back home and play in the snow occasionally.

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