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As I am generally not a technological minded person I have spent hours reviewing the tech lists of other RTW blogs.  I have researched netbooks versus notebooks; iPod versus DS for kids and the best digital camera.  Am I any clearer on what to get?  Not entirely.  Should we buy here in Australia?  Should I buy before my trip to USA and get the Traveller’s Tax Rebate?  Should we buy overseas?  Hmmmm.  The answer could be yes, yes, yes depending on what it is we are buying. 

We have started the acquisition of technology thanks to the advice from  My son Harris is the proud owner of an 8 GB iPod.  We are looking at getting another for Patrick.  I can not consider 12 months RTW travel with only one iPod between two children!  My kids are generally great at sharing things, perhaps not the tv remote as well as I’d like; but when it comes to iPods then two is better than one.  We are loading the iPods with music, CD stories and games.  Just like at home there will be limits to the amount of iPod time that they are allowed – it will not be a free for all for 12 months. 

Camera –  I want one that takes great photos with little effort and will withstand a beating during our 12 months travel.  Our current camera is pretty basic and sometimes will take a good photo.  After handing the digital camera to five year old Patrick the other day, I am thinking we might take along one camera for the parents and the old digital camera for the kids. I know it is one more thing to keep track of around the world but he had so much fun walking around taking photos.  It was absolutely hilarious reviewing what he took photos of and seeing the world from a five year old perspective. That is a bonus of travelling with children isn’t it – seeing the world in a whole different light.

Laptop – An essential in order to keep up our postings on this site; keep in touch with family and friends and for researching future destinations and booking accommodation, flights etc.  I have come to the conclusion, after lugging our existing heavy cumbersome laptop to two different conferences; we need something small, light and not too expensive to lose.  As much as I would love a fruit flavoured laptop, I would be happy to settle with one that does all the things we need it to without costing a small fortune.  That is of course unless Apple is reading this post and wants to sponsor us in our journey then I will gladly accept one iPod, one iPhone and one Apple Mac Pro and promise to speak very highly of them every time we use their gadgets!  Will keep you posted on what we get.

As for all the extra stuff like USBs, cables, recharging necessities etc; I plan to pass this job to my husband who is much more technologically minded than I.


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  • Simone Dullaway September 11, 2010

    Hi Karina, Scott would be a great person to give you some advice regarding Cameras. He knows a heap about them. Cheers, Simone

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