The final countdown!

The week that was …

  • I gladly said goodbye to Toowoomba and added more kilometres to the car driving all over to pickup kids and make it to my parent’s house.
  • Squeezed in a movie with my mum and sister – recommend ‘The King’s Speech’. 
  • Steve celebrated his last day of work and attended a race day/farewell with his ambulance mates.
  • The ute got a new windscreen before handing the keys over to the babysitter! 
  • Banked a cheque for the sale of our beloved Rav4 which is going to live with Steve’s parents. Steve spent hours washing and detailing it – I steered clear!
  • Spent hours organising paper and laying all our ‘stuff’ out across the floor to photograph it and analyse the proposed contents of our packs.
  • Steve spent hours scanning every bit of paper that I put in front of him! 
  • Did some last minute shopping; caught up with family and friends; had a birthday dinner for my Dad and watched the approach of Cyclone Yasi – the biggest in Australia’s history.

So all we have to do now is pack up; say a sad farewell to our dog Karlee and head to the airport motel for the evening before we fly out in the morning. Thanks to the Mum and Dad Motel. Bon Voyage!



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