Things I’ve seen on a motorbike by Harris

I’ve been in Asia for 4 months and have been to Indonesia,  Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. There are millions of people on motorbikes in these countries because they are cheap, small and can swerve in and out of busy traffic. As they don’t have cars they carry all sorts of crazy stuff on their motorbikes.  Here is my list of some things I’ve seen on motorbikes.  We don’t have many photos because sometimes they are hard to catch.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 people on a motorbike.
  • Live animals including pigs, ducks, chickens, chicks, rabbits and pet dogs.
  • Two people with a huge pane of glass between them.
  • Two people with a house door between them.
  • One man with 3 gas bottles.
  • Man with pet fish in plastic bags on a board.
  • Two men with two pedestal fans.
  • Men carrying large pieces of wood or steel three times as long as the bike.
  • Locksmith bike with a board of keys and locks.
  • Two motorbikes, one with a man holding the desk whilst his friend rode the bike, the bike behind carried the desk drawer.
  • One man and a small fridge.
  • Many people with heavily loaded bikes with fruit, vegetables, meat, boxes, tvs, computers, furniture, bicycles, toys, window frames and more.  It looks like the driver can hardly fit on the bike.

  • Man with blocks of ice on his motorbike in Cambodia. Wow, that’s a cool bike!
  • A load of toy bikes on a motorbike in Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Dead pigs gutted and splayed out over the petrol tank of two motorbikes on the way back to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Hope you enjoyed reading my list of things I’ve seen on a motorbike.  These were some of many things I saw.   I can’t list them all but I can tell you now you can put anything on a motorbike!



  • Win Bartholomai May 27, 2011

    Hi Harris,

    What an interesting blog. I think I will have to get myself a motorbike to cart things around the yard! The ‘ice man’ would have to travel fast before his load melted! Loved the photos as well. Goodbye to Asia and hello to London and Europe. Have a great time, love Nanny and Grandad

  • Arthur July 4, 2011

    Hello Harris, It’s amazing what they can carry on a little motor scooter hey? I remember a man in Chang Mai Thailand had about fifty Live chooks hanging off his bike ( If you did that in Australia you’d be charged with cruelty. You certainly have been lots of places haven’t you? I bet it will be strange to come home and stay put for a while. I look forward to more of your adventures. CARRY ON LITTLE DOT! Arthur & Dana

  • Doug and Noela Baigrie July 16, 2011

    Hi Harris, Sounds quite entertaining watching the motorbikes. I saw a lot of that in Kenya and Uganda too. One was a big live pig atrapped on a board across the Pilion Seat. Another was about 200 pine apples stacked like a pyramid over both sides and across the back of the seat. Another was carrying a big roll of polythene pipe about three – four metres diameter,another was some galvanised roofin iron three metres long rolled up sitting “Wide Load across the seat between Driver and Passenger, another was four people all on one bike, then there were the Taki Vans toyota Hi Ace 12 and fourteen seaters with that many people jammed in them that you couldn’t count and still the conductor and two others hanging out the sliding door! They sure make for a laugh don’t they?
    Ok We’ll catch you later eh? Keep having fun. Love from Grandpa and Grandma.

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