Things we packed that we like!

One month of travel, two kids and three countries. We left Australia with 2 large backpacks and 4 smaller day packs between the four of us.  Did we bring enough ‘stuff’?  Yes. Did we bring too much? No, I don’t think so. There isn’t anything that I have come across yet that I think I must ditch at the next opportunity; except for the bottle of shampoo that leaked twice and the skin lotion that leaked once -  but now that they aren’t so full and I pack them in plastic so they have continued the journey! Also I will look for bottles with screw-on lids for future purchases.

So you ask … what have you found really helpful? Here is a list of stuff that we are glad we packed:

  • Netbook computer (using it right now!)
  • iPods for children (they are using them right now on a 4 hr bus ride which means they ae oblivious to the totally inappropriate video that was just shown on bus tv).
  • Amazon Kindle loaded with great books.
  • Universal plug, elastic travel clothesline and Sard Wonder soap for laundry on the run.
  • A supply of carabiners for clipping things together and to hook onto your hotel key.
  • A $2 shop strong plastic zippered bag (15 x 25 cm) for holding all passports, tickets, licences etc.
  • A body glove for scrubbing yourself in the shower – if you saw my boy’s feet before and after you’d totally understand its value, particularly after a full day at temples.
  • One travel towel, from my work mates, and 3 cut down towels that have come in handy at water parks and in guesthouses without bathmats.
  • Baby wipes for wiping down children and filthy bus seats.
  • Croc shoes for Steve and the boys – multipurpose and easy to wash and dry overnight when they are covered in temple dust and mud from puddles stepped in accidently.
  • Mini compass has come in handy a few times.
  • Mini travel umbrella. Buy an umbrella in Asia or bring your own to keep off the sun.
  • Head torches x 3 have been great for late night reading whilst others are sleeping.
  • Medicatons : Nurofen, Buscopan, Gastrostop, antibiotics and antibiotic cream have all been utilised in the last month.

Our medicine cabinet.

  • First aid kit supplies came in handy to doctor Harris’s scrape to his face at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia.
  • Spare camera battery is an absolute must.
  • Lipstick and mascara are a nice addition which I use to feel spruced up at times.
  • Packing cubes are fabulous for keeping ‘stuff’ organised.
  • A supply of tissues to get you started in Asia is a must for all toilet stops, even in the biggest shopping mall you may need to supply your own.
  • One fold out shopping bag to carry groceries; stronger than plastic and not adding to land fill. Malaysia had a good supply of beautiful fold out bags to purchase. Not to be seen in Cambodia however. A supply of plastic bags is handy for dirty laundry and Ziploc bags for a multitude of items.
  • A note pad and pen for writing down all sorts of valuable information and also collect contact details of the fabulous people that you meet along the way.
  • Earplugs for noisy hotels and to block out bad movies/music on bus rides.

 I’m sure if I kept writing I could come up with more things for this list however that is enough to get you started and thinking about your own packing. Hope it helps. Leave a comment to share your ideas on what you have found a must to pack in your backpack and let me know if there is anything I forgot to mention.



  • Simone Dullaway March 4, 2011

    Hats and sunscreen :)

  • Amy March 28, 2011

    Great list! I love posts like this that give you practical advise!
    I am wishing you had an email sign up for this blog, I like getting new posts in my inbox….Maybe you could add one?

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