Too many places to go and people to see!

Travel brochures are coming out my ears.  We aren’t planning to book tours and accommodation necessarily but desperately need to get an idea of the must see places to go in particular countries and how to go about setting your own itinerary – brochures are great for this.  I am keeping a spreadsheet of each country, what to see and do, prices of attractions and likely accommodation options.

Books have been another great source of information and random bits of information are added to my spreadsheets.  You can’t beat good old Lonely Planet guides, plus two top books for families are:

 ‘Travel with Kids’ by William Gray (2007) 

‘Take your Kids to Europe’ by Cynthia Harriman (8th edition, 2007).  Both books are so good that I would love to purchase them but I will have to just be content with taking extensive notes and trying to ignore the overdue notices from the library! 

The more I read the more I realize we can’t possibly see everything that we would like to see in the world this trip or even in our lifetimes!  Knowing that we only have 12 months to travel (this time), how do we whittle down the choices so that we aren’t constantly on the move and don’t have time to smell the coffee or whatever else wafts in our direction?  The books and brochures have been really helpful in opening my eyes to parts of the world I had not previously thought about. High on my list are ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey; sailing in the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia and clambering over ruins in many far flung places.

Last but not least, good old Google can’t be beat. Way back in March I started googling RTW travel with children and keeping a folder in ‘Favourites’ of the best RTW blogs with children.  The more I read the more excited I became because other families were out there doing what I dreamt of doing and some with four kids not just two!  (See my list of my favourite blogs – when I post it!).  I love to write so when we decided that we were going to travel it just seemed natural to also have our website in order to record our journey from preparation to return to Oz.  I hope other families find our website useful – this is where I thank our friends for their expertise in website design   Without their help this blog would still be on my To Do-List!  Each website has something different to offer.  No family is exactly the same and no itinerary is the same.  Take what suits you from each site and voila – you have a lot of valuable information to help put together your own adventure plans.  Good luck!


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  • Sue Hamilton (old neighbour) March 11, 2011

    Hi Glad to hear you are having exciting time and all is going to plans… Thinking and praying for you all.
    Our road is still in the process of being fixed. Half done the even side! Us odd ones are still waiting!
    Harry turned one last week, Sally is enjoying preprep at Toowoomba Christian College.. And Sam is still enjoying the sandpit! Love to you all. Keep up the blogs…

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