Travel jabs!

As previously mentioned, Harris and Patrick were proud and brave recipients of their TB vaccinations a few months ago.  Following my return from the US we had our first travel medicine appointment with a local travel clinic to prepare for our big adventure.  I already knew that we would most likely leave with at least one jab each however Patrick was none the wiser as to why we were there. That was until we moved into the clinic room and the nurse begun drawing up the typhoid/Hepatitis A needles and he cottoned onto what was about to unfold. He let it be known ’loud and clear’ that he did not want  a needle.  He has such bad memories of the nasty side effects of the TB vaccination and how sore his arm was. This was of course going to be nowhere near that bad but explaining that to a five year old in crisis was not easy. We volunteered him to go first and before he could fully protest, it was all over!  Two jelly beans later and all was well.  Hopefully when we return next month to commence our rabies vaccination schedule he will no longer have such a fear and loathing of needles.  We walked out of there $480 lighter between the four of us. Will probably need another $1500 (I think) to pay for the series of 3 rabies vaccinations heading our way.


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