Tribute to my Uncle John

For the last week my Uncle John was critically ill in Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.  His list of ‘conditions’ were horrendous and we wondered if it was possible to overcome such obstacles.  This morning he lost his battle and died peacefully in hospital.  His loss saddens us all.  My husband and sons never got to meet him and I have not seen him for many years.  I will choose to remember him as a kind hearted soul who would help anyone, often to his own detriment.  He was fat, red-faced and cheery and not always because he had too many under his belt!  We wish we could be in Sydney for his send off.  Farewell Uncle John.


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  • Doug and Noela Baigrie December 4, 2011

    Sorry to hear about Uncle John Karina. It leaves you feeling helpless when you are so far away at these times doesn’t it? It was amazing when you got home in time to see Steve’s G’ma before she died seven years ago. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all as you mourn Uncle John’s passing, by “remote control”. That means you have lost one uncle and Steve, a great uncle and great aunt all this year.

    Love You All,
    G’ma & G’pa. OOOOXXXX.

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